Welcome to Arlington Community College

Arlington Community College (ACC), originally known as Colton Baptist Junior College, was founded by both black and white religious leaders in 1932. Arlington Community College is a private, four-year business and technology college. Arlington Community College is dedicated to the development of graduates who are exceptionally educated, spiritually and culturally aware, and able to meet the demands of our rapidly advancing society.

Located in downtown Arlington Texas, near the Riverfront area, Arlington Community College is unique in its contribution to higher education. ACC, has a small, cohesive, student-centered environment with an open enrollment policy, accepting all eligible students with a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

The Arlington Community College Vision

To see our community, state, and nation positively influenced through the integration of academic scholarship and business principles to address issues having a detrimental effect on society.

The Arlington Community College Mission

Arlington Community College is committed to the following purposes:

  1. To show personal interest in every student with regard to scholarship and the development of character and personality;
  2. To provide basic tools, communication skills, global Perspectives and general education which are required in everyday contacts;
  3. To provide knowledge, training and skills necessary for securing employment

The Arlington Community College Values

To reach out and offer educational opportunities to deserving students who initially may not be motivated to pursue empowerment through higher education. ACC will build relationships that demonstrate a steadfast commitment to academic scholarship while valuing the teaching solid financial business decisions.

Our most popular Distance Learning Degrees

Master of Business Administration -  MBA

Bachelor in Accounting

Master in Healthcare Administration

Bachelor in Information Technology

Bachelor in Commerce